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The Volcano DragonEdit

It is called the Volcano Dragon, although it's name is often shortened to Vol Dragon, and it is the boss for the volcano caves levels. It (though I suspect it to be male, who can say what gender it is?) can be found at the end of the free caves mission on the other side of the transporter.

The dragon has 3 forms. When you first arrive the dragon will be a blueish color with white and red markings. This is it's normal form. After a minute or two it will burrow under the ground. When it resurfaces it will be an orangy-red color and have a forward pointing spike on it's nose. Again after a minute or two it will go underground, emerging in it's Mega or ultimate form. You can spot this form as it is now a glowing orange color with thick armor and it's noze spike has become a huge upwars pointing horn. After a few minutes it will fly up into the air and begin charging for a mega-attack. It will shoot a mega-fireball and in doing so, revert back to normal form. It will land and the process will begin again.

The dragon attacks by charging, jumping on you, spitting fireballs, summoning flame vents, flame breath, and sometimes with it's tail or wings. It is weakest in it's normal form and has the most attribute weaknesses. It's attacks get progressivly stronger and it drops attribute weaknesses as it progresses through it's forms.

Normal mode Lv: 16

Hard mode Lv: 34

Pictures and info on each for will follow. Still working on this, check back for updates.

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